About us

EMMEBI S.r.l. Sistemi per l’Ambiente was founded in 1994 with the aim of operating in the environmental field, by developing green services for the industrial sector, such as: waste disposal, recycling centre management, industrial demolitions, logistics and transport.

Thanks to our cooperation with the main Italian industrial groups in the steel and automotive sectors, over the years EMMEBI has expanded its range of services, which now include and are largely based on the treatment and trade of waste, raw materials, products and by-products for steel production, both in Italy and abroad.

The ultimate purpose of our business is to make a concrete contribution to achieving the goals established by the European Union for the implementation of the Circular Economy principles. EMMEBI continuously strives to identify the best solutions for the recycling and exploitation of all processed materials.

Beginning of operations in the disposal sector

Beginning of industrial logistics and production waste recovery operations

Scrap metal trading in the domestic market

Expansion of trading and brokerage for steel mills

Exclusive agency agreement for Italy with Galloo Belgium

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